Sunita's Makerspace Clubs


A creative space always enhances the imagination of individuals. Sunita’s Makerspace is an example of exemplary skill building. Here the members of various clubs such as Science, Arts, Computer and Architecture strive to become imaginators, inventors and artists. The whole place resonates with beautiful colors and creativity of the club members.

Introducing an array of clubs in school is an initiative taken to transform a child’s personality to its innate skills. Students from grades 1 to 12 are given a choice to choose from the following clubs:


The LGS Art Club provides different avenues for the holistic development of the students. They learn from creating to interpreting and understanding the design. Polishing the skills of students to unleash the child’s talent is an ongoing process in the art club. Children not only engage themselves in learning different techniques, but also achieve the objectives of lifelong learning and character building.


Music is the food of love.

There is no other place for one’s solitude, but only music. It has an aesthetic experience that involves mind in an appealing way with the help of sounds. No printed or verbal communication, but a genuine manifestation of touch sensations. LGS music club caters to the passion of music for children who wants to experience the world through different beats and rhythm.


LGS science club not only stimulates interest in activities among students, but also enables them to carry out self-directed activities in areas of interest in science. Science club provides opportunities for pupils to develop initiatives and creativities and potential of science in the club members, hence permitting them to grow and build their talents naturally.

Event Management

The Management Club of LGS aims at moving beyond the classroom learning, promoting the creative and inventive thinking in students. The club organizes events covering every functional area of management, such as Inter and Intra-school events, competitions . These activities encourage students not only to learn to manage things on their own, but also supplement their professional development in understanding the subjects involved with better clarity.

Public Speaking

The Public Speaking Club aims at activities designed to develop speech fluency and confidence among students. These activities include debates, declamation, elocution and just- a-minute. Students read and use various types of speeches and research on topics to talk on. They are guided by ethics of public speaking, the importance of body language and eye contact. The activities covered in the club increase the skill of communication by empowering students to put ideas across clearly and confidently.


The business club has been put up to supply scholars with opportunities to grow their leadership skills. The Club undertakes to accomplish this end by providing members countless opportunities to solve together in planning and carrying out numerous professional and social issues during the year, which in the end renders a hand on experience to students in making decisions, strategies to foresee an idea into successful business opportunity as business entrepreneurs..


The Photography Club aims at providing the thrill of catching and freezing a moment, a scene, a smile, a movement and looking back at it. It intends to involve the children, both physically and psychologically and encourage them to look at the world through their own eyes. Photography Club not only teaches the students creative skills for the future, but it also could lead to a career in the performing arts, or as a professional artist or photographer.


Math Club not only supports classroom learning, but also enrich their skills with higher order thinking, and prepare students for future Math Competitions. It develops the students’ level of Math skills and knowledge which is accomplished by using games, activities, and mock competitions.


The club is unique in its objectives as most of the clubs are geared at developing the physical element of students, the Drama Club concentrates on developing the student’s personality realized through activities such as Drama Competition, Skits, Storytelling and Roleplaying.


Dance is an extraordinary way to maximize our living experience. It comes along with a tremendous amount of social, cultural, psychological and physical advantages. Simply from learning more about dancing we embark on a journey to see the world through a brighter lens.


The purpose of Technology club is to explore different areas of interest and create a social environment where students with various technology experiences can come together to share information with one another.

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