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LGS Houses

LGS House

The school is divided into four ‘Houses’ at the Primary, Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary level. Each House has a House Captain and a House Prefect.The main idea of the House System is to provide training in qualities of leadership, cooperation, mutual understanding, and self-reliance. Different types of activities are organized under the House System such as dramatics, elocution, quiz, recitation, debate, group song, and dance. Points are awarded to the house on the basis of their inter-house competitions, discipline , assemblies organized throughout the year. At the end of the year, the House gaining the highest number of points is declared the winner and bags the Inter-House rolling trophy.

The houses are:


The symbolic meaning of Dolphin is the Playfulness, Gentleness, Harmony and Intelligence. Dolphins give a message of well-being to the pure of heart.


The symbolic meaning of Parakeet is the Loyalty, Trust, Communication and Affection. Parakeets give a message of grooming each other to strengthen their bonds.


The symbolic meaning of Bees is the Wisdom, Sweetness, Nurturing and Organising. Bees give a message of teamwork.


The symbolic meaning of Foxes is the Determination, Expression, Adaptable and Clever. Foxes give a message to be mindful of the surrounding.

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